Customized Solutions to Meet Complex & Specialized Needs

Each client is served by our dedicated team, led by a seasoned wealth management professional. You may call any member of your service team, at any time, with questions. Your team represents several areas of expertise, including investment management, tax planning, estate and gift planning, risk management and insurance, cash management, and special services. We leverage our decades of expertise to assemble a core group of service providers and coordinate their roles. We’ve found this approach helps to ensure strategic wealth management and uncommonly responsive service. Your needs can be met in every financial situation, across all facets of wealth management, no matter how simple or complex.

Financial Planning
We believe that a clear roadmap is meaningful to a successful financial plan. We work closely with you to identify goals, analyze your balance sheet and develop influential wealth management recommendations. We also bring together your various advisors, including accountants, attorneys, and bankers, to make sure everyone is working toward a common goal with their support to you. With your customized plan as the foundation, our team will help ensure that you remain on course to achieve your goals.
Wealth Transfer Planning
Wealth transfer and estate planning is a critical component of an overall financial plan, as it allows for the orderly transfer of a client’s assets from one generation to another, helping to ensure that taxes and fees are minimized. Each estate plan is very individual and reflects your family structure, values, and priorities.

We work with your legal professionals to ensure that you have a valid will in place and to set up trusts if necessary. If charitable giving and endowments are a focus, we work with you to ensure that your wishes can be fulfilled with the maximum tax benefits to you and maximum value to the charity. Some of the tools we can utilize in effective estate planning are trusts, wills and insurance. These tools, combined with prudent selection, balance and placement of investments, help to ensure that the estate value is maximized at the time of transfer.
Philanthropic/Charitable Giving
We recognize that philanthropy can create a great sense of personal satisfaction by enabling you as a donor to support causes and organizations that are important to you. Charitable giving can also offer significant tax advantages including current income tax deductions, reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes, and reduced estate taxes. Our team can help design a charitable giving plan that will reflect your values while optimizing the tax benefits of your gifts. We'll also assist you in evaluating the various forms charitable giving can take, including outright gifts, will or trust bequests, or charitable trusts.
Trust Services
To us, wealth management is about family, not just the finance and banking. For parents and children alike, wealth raises questions and challenges which few people ever anticipate. We can offer guidance to our clients who wish to navigate successfully through the challenges that wealth can pose, as well as help future generations benefit from the family’s wealth.

Trusts offer unique benefits of privacy, continuity and professional management, but can also create unique challenges. When written in a way that truly expresses your wishes, a trust can give you confidence that your family’s needs will be well served. You can rely on our team of professionals to help you design and manage your family’s trusts.

*Trust services are offered through Raymond James Trust
Investment Banking
We are incredibly passionate about helping business owners attain their growth objectives. This journey begins with our team achieving a deep understanding of your goals as well as the challenges you face. We then add value as your consultant, working together with our Investment Bankers in helping to identify next steps in reaching those goals; whether it is through growth acceleration, raising capital, buying a competitor, or seeking a strategic buyer.

Brazos Capital, through our Investment Banking team at Raymond James, can deliver a full suite of investment banking capabilities as well as expertise in public offerings, private placements, debt origination, restructuring, public finance and fixed income capital markets. We will help you re‐evaluate every aspect of your business to uncover how you can best unlock your company’s greatest potential.