Managing Risk and Return Through Tactical Asset Allocation

WE DO NOT PURSUE ONE INVESTMENT STRATEGY; WE CRAFT ONE TO FIT YOUR UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES. WE ALWAYS PUT WEALTH PRESERVATION FIRST. Our Highly Disciplined Investment Process allows us to construct and manage a set of portfolios that are individually tailored to each family's unique needs.

Focus on Risk Management
Our core philosophy is to add value and manage risk over the long term by getting the big macro decisions right. We believe market segmentation has the biggest impact on risk management, so our investment and research process is built around the forwardlooking tactical management of big market segment decisions.

We believe in managing risk first and foremost, and returns are the beneficiaries of this core discipline. A significant aspect of our investment process is spent analyzing downside risk first. Our strategies carry no static allocation, we have the flexibility to exit market segments entirely if we determine our clients are not being compensated properly for the risk of the exposure.
Multi-Disicplined, Top-Down Foward-Looking Outlook
In order to evaluate the appropriate allocation to each market segment or strategy, we utilize a multi-disciplined, top-down investment process. Our top down view implores four investment disciplines: macroeconomic, fundamental, relative valuation and technical analysis. We believe an evidence based approach allows us to navigate our clients through all types of market environments.
Tactical Market Segmentation Analysis
Our market segment allocation decisions reflect our top-down analysis and forward looking tactical view over the next 3-6 months. We converge our macro view with a multi-disciplined top down approach using fundamental, relative valuation and technical analysis. This allows us to prudently over-weight certain regions and sectors of the global market that we feel have the most opportunities for growth, and conversely to underweight regions that we feel have the least opportunities.
Ongoing Review Process
A consistent review process of key risk decisions allows for tactical adjustments as macroeconomic conditions and market fundamentals evolve. As your discretionary, private portfolio manager, we possess the flexibility and agility to act tactically on your behalf, to adjust each of your portfolio’s market segmentation allocation in a timely manner.

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