Creating a Paradigm Shift

Richard A Funk, CFP®, the founder of BRAZOS CAPITAL, began his investing career at Cadogen Management, where he successfully launched a $200 million hedge fund of funds. Later he joined John McStay Investment Council on the institutional buyside, where he worked for the next five years co-managing approximately $12 billion in large endowments, pensions and Taft-Hartley plans.

After returning to Austin in 2005, Mr. Funk observed that investment management offices were following an inferior “one size fits all” model. A relationship manager would win an investor’s confidence, and then the actual investment management would be outsourced to a third party money manager who didn’t understand their individual needs. He saw the potential for a paradigm shift where this type of “arms-length” investing could be a thing of the past. Instead he would build an office around the family so that all of their needs were met by his team without outsourcing the crucial role of investment management.

BRAZOS CAPITAL became one of the first private money managers to offer customized buy-side investment management to the institutional investors and high-net-worth families we serve. With more than a decade of experience managing the BRAZOS CAPITAL PORTFOLIOS, we listen to every client to provide a customized investment plan and the highest level service. It’s what best allows us to provide individualized investment solutions with an unwavering focus on risk management for our discerning clients.